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Tuesday 5 November 2013

More on SPCs in Cyprus

On 28 October this blog asked for information concerning the theory and practice of SPC filing in Cyprus. A comment outlining practice was posted beneath this piece by Eleni Chrysostomides and Alexandros Georgiades (Dr. K. Chrysostomides & Co LLC).  The following information, from Despina Morgianni (Assistant Examiner) has now been forwarded to us by martin Paltnoi (MPA Business Services Ltd) 
"When an SPC application is filed at our Office based on a patent which is valid in Cyprus (European or national), a notification of the application is published in Cyprus Official Gazette. The same applies when a certificate is granted.
 Unfortunately, there is not an online searching system for public inspection on patents registries in Cyprus. However, a search can be made locally at our office premises, either by you or by an authorized third person, but the information received will be in Greek language. Please note that inspection is only allowed for Granted patents and SPCs and not for those which are still pending applications".
 Thanks for your responses!

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