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Thursday 21 November 2013

AstraZeneca: another reasoned order. Can you help?

Following today's earlier post with news of Case C-210/13 Glaxosmithline Biologicals SA, Glaxosmithkline Biologicals, Niederlassung der Smithkline Beecham Pharma GmbH & Co. KG v Comptroller-General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks, The SPC Blog has been asked by a correspondent if we have a text for what appears to be another reasoned order of the Court of Justice of the European Union that was delivered on the same date in Case C-617/12 AstraZeneca AB v Comptroller-General of Patents. Again, the reasoned order does not appear to be accessible via the Curia website.

If any kind reader has a copy of this reasoned order which he or she is willing to share, do please get in touch!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing found on curia, except that on calendar, C-443/12 Actavis and C-493/12 Eli Lilly are due to be delivered on 12/12/2013 it seems.