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Tuesday 13 January 2009

Welcome to a guest blogger for 2009

Some of our more observant readers will have noted that this year we have already introduced two Guest Bloggers for the year 2009 (we hope to announce a third soon). This post gives us an opportunity to introduce one of them, Professor Dr Ulrich Gassner. Professor of Public Law in the University of Augsburg's Faculty of Law, he is also Co-Founder-Director of the Institute of Bio Law, Health Law and Medicine Law and Founder-Director of the Institute of Medical Devices Law. Aside from his academic responsibilities he is also Senior European Consultant to law firm Bird & Bird's Munich office.

Professor Gassner is the author of an article on SPCs, "Ergänzendes Schutzzertifikat und pädiatrische Marktexklusivität" A&R 4(2008),269-272.  This article was published last year in Arzneimittel & Recht, Zeitschrift für Arzneimittelrecht und Arzneimittelpolitik (A&R), published by Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH (WVG), Birkenwaldstraße 44, 70191 Stuttgart, Germany. The author and publisher have both kindly agreed to the SPC Blog making this article available for the benefit of its readers: you can download it here.

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