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Friday, 23 January 2009

French SPC decisions

Florian Leverve, a legal researcher at Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute (QMIPRI) and co-author of European Patent Decisions, has sent us the names and URLs of five French SPC decisions, which we reproduce here.  Have we missed any? If so, please email the blog and let us know.  

The cases we know of are these: 
Société Allen et Hanburys c/Société Promedica et société Chiesi Farmaceutici SpA, Cour de Cassation, 24/03/1998 (Supreme Court)

Société Glaxo Operation UK Limited c/ Société Laboratoire Flavelab, Cour d’Appel de Paris 26/03/1999 (Appellate Court)

Sociétés Eli Lilly & Co. c/ Société Flavelab, Cour de Cassation 8/03/2005 (Supreme Court)

Société G Gam c/ Société Pfizer, Cour de Cassation 3/04/2007 (Supreme Court)

Société Chiron c/ INPI, Cour de Cassation 3/04/2007 (Supreme Court)

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