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Monday, 26 January 2009

SPCs and paediatric market exclusivity

Almost two weeks ago, The SPC Blog welcomed Professor Ulrich Gassner as one of its guest team for 2009. The same post carried a link to his recent article, "Ergänzendes Schutzzertifikat und pädiatrische Marktexklusivität" Zeitschrift für Arzneimittelrecht und Arzneimittelpolitik (A&R) 4(2008),269-272. 

This article was published in German but The SPC Blog has now procured, through the kindness of Jeffrey S. Boone, J.D. (Vice President, Intellectual Property, Covidien), an excellent translation of Professor Gassner's article into English. You can read the English version here. The SPC Blog would like to thank both Dr Boone and Professor Gassner for their kindness in creating this translation and allowing its distribution through this weblog.

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