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Tuesday 3 October 2017

Switzerland and paediatric extensions - an update

Switzerland is slowly moving towards amending its patent legislation to allow for paediatric extensions in the context of a revision of the Swiss law on pharmaceutical and medicinal products.

The changes in the Swiss Patent Act to allow for pediatric extensions have already been approved by the Swiss parliament in 2016.  The changes allow for:
Pediatric extensions to SPCs under conditions like in the EU; and
Independent paediatric SPCs linked directly to the term of the patent, in cases where there is no regular SPC. 
According to the Swiss Federal Institute for Intellectual Property website (here), amendments proposed to the implementing regulations of the Swiss Patent Act are currently under a general consultation which will end on 20 October 2017. 

The aspired date for the entry into force of the amended Patent Act and the implementing regulations is January 1, 2019.  However, a more likely date is looking like mid-2019.

Many thanks to Claudia Bibus and Siegfried Grimm at E. Blum and Co. as well as Nick Bassil at Kilburn & Strode for providing this information!

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