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Thursday 6 September 2012

Paediatric poser: can you help?

One of these is a device for
achieving Swiss paediatric
extensions -- but which is it?
A reader has emailed The SPC Blog to ask the following question:
"Does anyone have any up-to-date information on the possibility of Switzerland introducing paediatric extensions to its SPC system? The last I heard was there was draft legislation along the same lines as the EU’s legislation --  but is there an expected date for its entry into force yet? And do we know what transitional provisions there will be for obtaining extensions of SPCs that are close to expiry (e.g. the extension request must be filed at least 6 months before expiry, as was originally the case in the EU)?"
It would be much appreciated if one of our better-informed readers (of which we have many) could set our reader right.

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