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Monday 27 February 2012

Benoxacor and (S)-metolachlor: French ruling now available in English too

On Thursday 16 February The SPC Blog posted this item from France on the rejection by the Cour de Cassation -- the nation's highest court -- of an appeal against the refusal of an SPC for Benoxacor and (S)-metolachlor.  Edouard Kling and his colleague Fran├žois Pochart (august & debouzy avocats) provided the original news and said they'd let us have an English translation. Well, here it is. It's five sides long which, though very short by the standards of many countries, actually seems quite lengthy for a Cour de Cassation ruling.

Thanks, Edouard and Fran├žois, for your help and support.

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