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Tuesday 14 June 2011

Independent consultant sought: could it be you?

A reader has asked The SPC Blog to draw the attention of fellow readers to the following rather unusual opportunity.  He writes
"We are looking for an independent consultant who can work with us in certain projects -- either on an hourly basis or on the basis of some other arrangement. Regarding location and language, we are based in Sweden but need not restrict ourselves just to someone based in Sweden (though it's always simpler and cheaper to work together with someone in your own country).

As yet there is no formal date of commencement for the consultancy, since that is something which depends on our projects.

We need a person who understand and can support the development of business strategies for drug projects in smaller companies, including the optimisation of opportunities for gaining maximum exclusivity of future products: this means the lifetime of patents by SPC, data exclusivity etc. Bearing this in mind, it is likely that the person appointed preferably would have experience from a commercial company".
Any interested candidate should forward his or her CV to me here with the subject line "Consultancy SPC" and it will be forwarded in confidence.

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