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Saturday 18 June 2011

From SPC blog to SPC textbook

The SPC blog is pleased to pass on the following information from Christopher Brückner, a man brave enough to take on the task of writing a book on SPCs. We imagine that Christopher is now recovering with a cold towel firmly pressed to his forehead, and we congratulate him on his efforts.

Christopher says:

Navigating the Bermuda-triangle between patent, marketing authorisation and product? Scared of getting lost?

We are pleased to draw your attention to the first SPC-commentary, a textbook which hopefully will answer most of your questions related to SPCs.

The SPC-commentary, written by Christopher Brückner, a German Patent Attorney at the law firm Bardehle Pagenberg in Munich, is drafted in German and English, to give users in all European Countries access to this source of SPC-information.

The commentary will be on the market in September. We will notify you when it is available. If you want to get your copy as one of the first readers, you can order it now.

For more details please see the attached official advertisement of the Carl Heymanns Publishing House and the following link:


This commentary will be presented officially on 7. July 2011 in Munich. For this event, a limited number of seats have been reserved for members of the SPC-blog. Therefore, please register now (for free) if you want to participate in this event. You can register at: event@bardehle.deand we will inform you as soon as we receive your reservation.

Talks and speeches at the event will be held in German, however, if you are not from Germany, you might not be the only one and we will be happy to accommodate you and answer any questions you may have.

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