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Thursday 12 February 2009

SPC cocktail competition

Apologies all round -- The SPC Blog should have announced the winner of its cocktail competition by now, but in all the recent excitement of the seminar last month we quite forgot to do so.

Well done, Lisa Page (Wragge & Co), whose winning entry was her combination of three cocktails, all more or less in accordance with the same recipe:
The Pharma Sector Daiquiri
50ml of white rum
Juice of one half fresh lime (approx 50ml)
Four strawberries
15 ml of sugar syrup

Shake with six ice cubes and pour through the ice into a martini-style cocktail glass.

The SPC Daiquiri uses the same ingredients (of course), with the addition of six ice cubes. All of the ingredients, including the ice, are then blended to produce a frozen cocktail which is a 'longer' drink that expires when the ice melts. Pour into a Margarita-style cocktail glass.

The Exclusive Paediatric Daiquiri is a non-alcoholic version of the SPC frozen Daiquiri and uses 50ml of lemonade instead of the rum
Congratulations, Lisa, and enjoy your prize: complimentary registration for C5's  "Multi-Jurisdictional Pharma/Biotech Patent Litigation" conference in Amsterdam next week. And thanks, too, to our other competitors, for taking the trouble for submitting your entries.

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