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Monday 16 February 2009

Business data about SPCs -- a reader asks

In response to a reader's query, The SPC Blog poses the following question:
"I'd like to keep abreast of business information concerning SPCs, rather than just technical legal information about how to get them. For example, news of transactions involving them, challenges to their validity, how their grant affects stock prices, etc. I've tried using Google Alerts but the hits I get from that system seem to consist mainly of links to your blog.

Is there any published source, whether printed or online and in any language, from which business and commercial news abouts SPCs can be gathered?"
If any reader has a useful answer, can he or she please let me know by emailing me here. All suggestions will be posted on this weblog.

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Jeremy said...

I've received a very helpful email from Michelle Jones (Astex) which states: "Not business data as such but the Thomson Reuters weekly product Current Patent Gazette publishes details of newly filed and newly awarded SPCs on the front page each week. It often ties them to commercial products and comments on any irregularities or complex filing programs. This SPC info also finds its way into its database products (Thomson Pharma and IDb3).

An example of the sort of information they provide is available via a (very old) sample copy on their website: http://scientific.thomsonreuters.com/media/cdjournals/gazettenews/2002/CPG_News_0240.pdf"