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Thursday 19 July 2018

Study on SPCs for the Dutch Parliament published

The Technopolis group has recently completed a study on SPCs for the Dutch parliament entitled "Effects of supplementary protection mechanisms for pharmaceutical products". A copy of the study is available for downloading here.

Alfred Radauer of the Technopolis Group writes:
"The study investigates the impacts of the interaction of supplementary protection certificates (SPCs), paediatric extensions, data and market exclusivity as well as orphan drug protection on innovation in pharma and on the healthcare system. The 173-page report is in English and builds on a legal analysis as well as an economic analysis involving an interview programme, secondary data analysis as well as case studies for seven drugs that have used the said supplementary protection instruments.

The study was performed by Technopolis in collaboration with experts from the University of Liverpool and University of Amsterdam. It was commissioned by the Dutch Ministries of Health and Economics.

We hope that this study makes for good reading and adds to the debate on SPCs and regulatory protection of pharmaceutical products. We would be delighted to receive comments and suggestions at ips@technopolis-group.com."

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Martin said...

The study refers to the Swiss Federal Patent Court in that the infringement test is still applicable in Switzerland (p 44, Fn 99). Note that this has meanwhile been overruled by the Supreme Court with decision of 11 June 2018; see here: https://www.patentlitigation.ch/the-supreme-court-sets-the-infringement-test-aside-but-with-a-swiss-touch/