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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Plant Protection Product SPCs - an article

News comes from Velautha-Cumaran Arunasalam and Filip de Corte who report the publication of their recent article "Supplementary protection certificates for plant protection products: the story of 'The Ugly Duckling'" in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice (JIPLP).  They write:
The paper was put forward to celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of the PPP (plant protection product) SPC Regulation coming into effect and to confirm the continued importance of the SPC Regulation for the plant protection sector.
Importantly, the paper considers briefly the social as well as economic factors behind the SPC Regulations and puts forward reasons why not all the case law on medicinal product SPCs, especially those concerning combination products, should be directly applicable to the plant protection sector.  The Regulations can be said to be sisters but not twins.
The article can be accessed here.

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