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Thursday 26 November 2015


Little did I realise, when we started The SPC Blog back in June 2008, that I would be saying goodbye to a thriving weblog with an email subscription list of nearly 2,100 – a blog that has also attracted well in excess of 800,000 pageviews and which has supported highly popular annual seminars in which people from all sectors of the pharma and agrochemical patent term extension world have gathered to share their thoughts, their experiences and, all too often, their frustration with the rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Anyway, it is with a feeling of great happiness that The SPC Blog has been so popular – and so useful – that I take my leave of it and step down as I take the retirement route. 

Do please continue to give the blog your every support and help to keep it as the valuable resource which it has become!


Anonymous said...

thx J, I really love SPC blog. Enjoy "retirement"!

Mike Snodin said...


I wish you well with your retirement. It has been a real pleasure interacting with you on SPCs, and I would like to thank you personally for providing us SPC enthusiasts (or should I say "geeks"?) with somewhere to share our news, thoughts and experiences. Long may it continue!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Nice one Jeremy, we shall miss you.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your time! Definitely, we will miss you!! All the best

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing this blog and the resources associated with it. Very appreciated.

Enjoy your retirement