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Sunday 20 September 2015

"SPC Law and Practice 2015: All you need to know": now open for registration

Anyone working with SPCs must have
a very special sort of understanding ...
This year's seminar run by The SPC Blog, "SPC Law and Practice 2015: All you need to know", is now open for registration. To remind you, the date of the seminar is Tuesday 10 November 2015 and the venue has again been kindly provided by Olswang LLP in its London office, in the historical Holborn area.

We offer our apologies for the fact that we have not been able to reply to all emails already sent to us regarding the seminar -– we have had a large number requesting a place before this formal invitation. We promise to reply as soon as possible confirming places.

Details of the programme can be accessed by clicking here. To register, please email Natalie Whiteford at natalie.whiteford@olswang.com

We will try to accommodate all comers, but if demand for places outstrips the supply it may be necessary to limit the number of people attending per law firm in order to give as many firms as possible a chance of attending.  Preference will be given to anyone from industry, since they are kind enough to provide the patents, the SPCs, the litigation and the competitive edge that makes the whole seminar possible.

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