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Monday 17 November 2014

SPC Blog Seminar presentations: now available online

Here, in record time thanks to the efficiency of our friends at Olswang LLP, are the video links to the seven speaker presentations from ""SPC Law and Practice: All You Need to Know", this year's SPC Blog Seminar:
Review and analysis of pending CJEU referrals and recent CJEU decisions (Dr Robert Stephen, Olswang LLP) here 
Amending and attacking SPCs (Dr Dorothea von Renesse, K├Ânig Szynka Tilmann von Renesse) here 
What’s up?” from the perspective of the IPOs   
  • Patrick Purcell,  UK IPO here
  • Dr Oliver Werner, German Patent Office here
  • Dr Martijn de Lange, Dutch Patent Office here
SPCs involving medical devices (Charlotte Teall, Forresters) here 
SPCs for biologics (Mike Snodin, ParkGrove IP) here 
The PowerPoints for the various sessions, together with the speakers' biographical details, have already been uploaded for your delectation and can be accessed here.  

The seminar's SPC Law and Practice 2014 - Q&A session can be viewed here


Anonymous said...

I can't hear anything - videos with no sound ;-)

Jeremy said...

I've checked the sound -- it's definitely there. Have you accidentally muted your computer?

Anonymous said...

You´re absolutely right! I did. New Mozilla-User....