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Monday 30 June 2014

Navarra court upholds Spanish Telmisartan + hctz invalidity ruling

Almost two years ago to the day, The SPC Blog reported on the fate of the unhappy fate of the SPC for Telmisartan + hctz in Spain (see "Telmisartan + hctz: combination SPC revoked in Spain", 26 June 2012, here, and "Telmisartan + hctz: combination SPC in Spain -- now in English" (8 July 2012, here.

This decision, invalidating the SPC, has now been upheld on appeal: see "Navarra Court of Appeal confirms invalidity of Spanish SPC for telmisartan + hctz", written for today's International Law Office release by Sara Pelaz (Grau & Angulo), here. This helpful note adds that Boehringer still has the option of lodging an appeal with the Spanish Supreme Court.

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