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Thursday 10 October 2013

Irbesartan + HCTZ: news from France

From our friend Denis Schertenleib, Avocat, of Cabinet Schertenlieb, Paris, comes a timely update on the Coapprovel (irbesartan + HCTZ) litigation in France, following the revocation of the SPC in this dispute on the merits (said the court, claim 20 of the basic patent was invalid).

I attach the decision in French and in English. By way of a disclaimer, Denis tells us that he represented Mylan in these proceedings and has advised us that this decision is naturally subject to an appeal.

Further news is that the Cour d'appel, ruling on the injunction that was issued against Teva, lifted it on the grounds that the basic patent could be challenged on validity and also confirmed the decision not to grant an injunction against Sandoz and Arrow -- also on the basis that the SPC could be challenged on validity.

Thanks so much, Denis, for this update.

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