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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Vaccines and SPCs: a fork in the road - now you can read it

Yesterday The SPC Blog mentioned the recent publication of a piece by Simon Cohen and Paul England and expressed the hope that we would be able to host it for the edification of our readers. Well, not only have Lawtext Publishing kindly sent us a pdf, which you can read here, but we received a comment from Anonymous Steve, who wrote:
"I believe that the full text of this article is available from Taylor Wessing using the following link: https://www.taylorwessing.com/fileadmin/files/docs/Vaccines_and_spcs_law_review.pdf".
He's quite right, it is! Thanks, Steve.

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Anonymous said...

Special "like" for this part of the article: "It is an irony that it was the attempt of the CJEU to deal with the commercial inadequacies of the SPC Regulation pointed to by Jacob LJ in the English Court of Appeal that has led to the CJEU Neurim ruling and Arnold J’s exasperated criticism in GSK (both quoted at the beginning of this article)."