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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Transcripts of SPC decisions: can you help?

We hope that this will not be the case
for those documents we can no longer access!
Over the past few years, this weblog has hosted, and the SPC Blog: Resources weblog has stored, a fair number of SPC decisions under national law. Some of these are texts in the original language of the judgment; others are English translations.

These cases were uploaded on to the hosting facility of Google Groups.  Unfortunately, a couple of years ago Google announced that the document hosting facility of Google Groups would be withdrawn.  When it was withdrawn, the stored SPC cases were lost and the links to them from The SPC Blog and the Resources blog no longer worked.

We now have the resources to work all the way through both blogs so that we can identify every broken link and the case or translation to which that link should lead.  We shall be hosting the documents afresh -- but we need those documents before we can do this.

Can you please help us? If you still have the original PDF of any case or translation that you sent us, can you please re-send it so that we can carry our the restoration work more speedily?  Just send them to me at jjip@btinternet.com with the subject line 'SPC Cases' and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you in anticipation!

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