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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Queensland reference: request for information

One of The SPC Blog's readers has emailed an urgent request.

Does anyone happen to have a copy of the decision of the original High Court of Justice (England and Wales) decision of 14 December 2010 in The University of Queensland, CSL Ltd v Comptroller-General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks -- the ruling to refer to the Court of Justice of the European Union the questions which were addressed by that Court by order in Case C-630/10?

If anyone can supply the text of this decision, which does not appear to have been posted on BAILII, The SPC Blog will be happy to make it available to all.

Note: since posting this, The SPC Blog has received a copy of the decision thanks to the kindness of Brian Cordery (Bristows); it can be accessed here.

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Anonymous said...

Hugh Goodfellow at Carpmaels & Ransford gave a talk on Queensland and the other referrals for AIPPI shortly after the Medeva decision came out. I think he represented Queensland in the UK and at the CJEU, so he should have a copy.