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Monday 11 April 2011

Weblog seeks new logo

The logo of The SPC Blog is a phoenix, the mythical bird which rises from the ashes and which in some way is symbolic of the manner in which the SPC rises from the embers of the expired patent. The logo itself is however a piece of clip-art which does not belong to the weblog and which is not used exclusively by it.

Readers with creative talents are invited to submit their own designs for a new logo.  You can keep the copyright so long as the blog has an exclusive irrevocable licence to use it for the purposes of identifying and promoting the weblog.  Please send your submissions to Jeremy here, with the subject line "SPC logo", by close of play on 1 May 2011.  The best entries will be displayed on the blog and readers will be given the chance to vote for the one they prefer.

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