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Wednesday 9 March 2011

A big thank-you

This week The SPC Blog had the excitement and the pleasure of signing up its one-thousandth email subscriber. Indeed, since touching that figure, the email readership has continued its upward path.

When the blog started, in June 2008, none of the blog team imagined that it would ever attract such a large regular readership, or that so many of its readers would provide it with information, notes, translations of cases and even access to articles published in other journals. We were pleased when we had 100 subscribers, delighted when we got to 200, flabbergasted when we found we'd got to 300 and we've remained quite bewildered ever since!

The SPC Blog has now hosted two seminars and a third is on the way. We have made friends, learned from each other and generally helped to make our little patch of intellectual property a slightly more intelligible place. In short, we have become a community.

On behalf of the team I'd just like to say a big thank you to all our friends, readers and suppliers of information. It has been a pleasure to share this adventure with you.


Anonymous said...

Well done guys, a very valuable community!

Anonymous said...

Top blog, and a very useful resource.