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Thursday 16 September 2010

SPC search in Denmark and Switzerland: a reader asks ...

One of our readers, head of IPM in an Indian pharma company, has written to ask for some advice:
"I want to know the I would like to know how to search the SPC details in Denmark and Switzerland. I have been trying for a long time but couldn't reach the right URL. Can you please help me in this regard?"
If anyone has some helpful hints, can he or she please post them as a comment below this blogpost?


Henrik Orsnes said...

In order to search DK SPCs you should go to
and click "certifikat".

J.M. Jimenez said...

For the SPC in CH go to:


And select your working language (DE, FR, IT or EN) There is a lot of information there...

If you find a message as:

Invalid session
Your session is over. This can happen when there's been no activity on your browser for too long or your server connection has been interupted.
Return to the Swissreg start page and begin a new session.

Only go to the return page and begin the search after select the language.

Sidsel Hauge said...

From the link mentioned above it is possible to search via (most relevant mentioned) applicant, application number, registration number and product applied for (under the subject "benævnelse"). The only drawback is that there is no link to the basic patent.

If starting from a specific basic patent use the same link but click DK (national Danish patent) or DK/EP (Europaen patent validated in Denmark)instead. on the result screen at the bottom of the screen the existence of an SPC will appear with the application (CA...)/registration (CR...) number under the subject "relateret sag (certifikat)". Use this number and search in the "certifikat" database as indicated above.

MP said...

For Switzerland: go to https://www.swissreg.ch and click "SPC"

Anonymous said...


Molly Bowman said...

The Swedish patent database can be found at http://www.prv.se/spd/search?lang=en

Anonymous said...

Can somebody help for italy SPC search? Thanks

Lis Heide said...

Lis Heide, Senior Examiner Danish Patent and Trademark Office

A question was raised how to search the SPC details in Denmark. For your information I have made the following "recipe". I have added a bit of translation hints, because our website is not yet entirely in English:

You can access our register file on our internet-site.



1) search, then

2) tick on certificate, tick off patent, tick off utility model

3) fill in the search terms, e.g. the years by choose data type and by using > and < and the yearnumber

4) search and display

now you can find the information.

In the search result you probably will be looking at status.

Here "teknisk sagsbehandling" means that the application is pending. "meddelt" means "granted". "afslået" means "rejected".

Guido said...

Italian SPCs are available at
under "testo"