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Friday 13 August 2010

AB Hässle combination product case: informal translation available

Niklas Mattsson (European Patent Attorney and Swedish Authorized IP Attorney, Awapatent AB) has kindly written to The SPC Blog as follows:
"Listed on your Resources website is a pretty interesting Swedish case, AB Hässle, which is cited in the UK Takeda case and provides the same reasoning with regard to the question of whether a combination product is covered by a basic patent relating to only one of the components. The question of course is highly interesting in light of the Medeva ECJ referral.

In connection with some casework relating to the same issue some years ago, I had occasion to prepare an informal, translation of the Swedish decision into English. If you would like to post it to the Resources web site, you’re more than welcome to use it, in the interest of “promoting the dissemination of legal information".
The SPC Blog thanks Niklas very much for his thoughtfulness and hopes that other readers, when the opportunity arises, will be able to promote knowledge and understanding in our field of interest in the same way.

The translation can be read here and will soon be posted on the Resources site too.

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