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Thursday 29 July 2010

The AtoZGenerics iPad app

In "Patent firm blazes trail with new drugs app for the iPad", a short article in The Belfast Telegraph by Anne Madden, it is reported that Patentnav, based at the Northern Ireland Science Park, has created AtoZGenerics, which is said to be one of the first patent information applications for iPads.

AtoZGenerics offers information on European and US patent expiry dates, which can often be difficult to find. The company's founder, Dr Eddie O'Gorman, says:
"The AtoZ Generics app contains a lot of valuable information that can be difficult to find, and all for only 59p. It provides expiry dates on US patent term extension and UK Supplementary Protection certificate expiry dates, as well as approximate global drug sales."
If any readers gain experiences of this app which they'd like to share, the SPC Blog will be delighted to hear from them.


Eddie O'Gorman said...

We are a patent info research company, but we do some filing services too, not a patent firm, and it is an iPhone app, not an iPad one, although you can see/use it on the iPad.

We are experimenting with mobile apps as a way to deliver bespoke and general IP information.

We are also looking at ways to add much more functionality to the app (even a purchasing option).

Up to 100 more drugs will be added to it, and anyone can suggest a drug to be added, which we will then put into an update.

We also received funding from Kilkenny City Enterprise Board for a new patent landscape report iPad app and hope to work on this in the coming months.

Anonymous said...

The app contains only information about 20 compounds. Not at all what I have hoped for..