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Thursday 10 December 2009

Munich conference to include SPCs, Paedodata

"Biotech & Pharmaceutical Patenting" is the title of a forthcoming conference, to be held at the Hilton Munich Park, Germany, on 7 and 18 February next year. The programme contains a session under the heading 'Patent Term Extensions and Paediatric Data Exclusivity', a 45-minute slot on the first day in which the speakers are Dr Frank Burkert (Bayer Healthcare) and Bert Oosting (Lovells, The Netherlands). The seven bullet-pointed topics include the ever-popular negative-term issue, post-Losartan paediatric data esclusivity and the impact of the ECJ's ruling in Case C-482/07 AHP (noted by the SPC Blog here).

Further information concerning the conference programme, as well as bookings, can be obtained from the conference website here.

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