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Tuesday 3 November 2009

The SPC Blog's 2010 seminar: you're all invited!

The SPC Blog is delighted to announce SPC Law and Practice 2010, the weblog's second annual seminar. Once again we are fortunate that Olswang LLP has agreed to host the event, which is free, at its London office.

The seminar takes place on Wednesday 13 January 2010. It will run from 1.30pm, when registration commences, till the last drop of wine is sipped and the last peanut ceremonially crunched at 6pm. Last year's seminar was very well attended and, judging by the growth of interest in SPCs, paediatric extensions and patent term prolongation in general over the past year, we expect a capacity crowd of 90 participants or thereabouts.

Highlights of the afternoon include presentations on the current state of SPCs in Spain (Javier Huarte, Grau and Angelo) and the Netherlands (Martijn de Lange, Netherlands Patent Office) as well as patent term extension in the USA (Jeffrey Boone, Covidien). SPC Blog team member Rob Stephen (Olswang) takes the chair. There will also be a celebrity line-up for the Hot Topics and Questions session, which will be full of surprises.

For further details click the invitation here. To tell the SPC Blog that you'll be coming, email Verity here

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