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Thursday 1 October 2009

Losartan: now it's Latvia's turn

SPC enthusiast and expert Alice de Pastors has just told the SPC Blog that, in August of this year, the Latvian Patent Office published a notice regarding the issue of paediatric extension for Losartan. Alice also sent us an extract of page 1135 of Latvian Patent Gazette of 20 August 2009, adding: "The August Latvian Patent Gazette is available here". Thanks so much, Alice!

And if you're wondering what might cause hypertension in laid-back Latvia, here's a selection of tasty recipes, some of which are quite likely to clog up those arteries.

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Andreas Schmitt said...

According to the Latvian patent office this is a publication of the APPLICATION for a SPC term extension, not a grant. Also the expiry date given in this publication is the same as of the original SPC.
Andreas Schmitt