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Monday 3 August 2009

Losartan paediatric extension: news from France

The SPC Blog is pleased to have heard from Michèle Lavé (Cabinet Alice de Pastors, Le Chesnay, France) that on Friday the French Patent Office published in the BOPI the grant of the paediatric extension of French SPC for Losartan (95C0018). The extension was granted on 6 July 2009, giving a new expiry date of 2 March 2010.

Losartan extension: not granted in the United Kingdom, but granted in The Netherlands


Anonymous said...

What does this mean for losartan+HZT combo product, of which SPC expires in February 2010?

Does a pediatric excl. on mono product cover a combination product?

Anonymous said...

Has this information been verified? I checked the July 31 online bulletin as well as the others between June and August 14, the whole section on SPCs is always empty ("Néant" = None).

Anonymous said...

If you look at the in the French register for the corresponding patent, you will see that the SPC has been granted. It also appears that only the printed version of the Bulletin is binding.

Anonymous said...

There was an appeal lodged with the Court of Appeal in the UK - has a decision been made yet?

Anonymous said...

Does this mean the launch in UK will now be delayed till March 2010?