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Friday 22 May 2009

SPCs in the Black Book

The CIPA Guide to the Patents Acts (aka the Black Book) is a substantial reference manual for anyone dealing with UK patent law, providing the statutory provisions followed by detailed commentary of the case law.

Recently the latest edition of the book, edited by Stephen Jones and Paul Cole, was published. Section 128 A, which is devoted to supplementary protection certificates, was updated and contains an excellent discussion of the issues and UK and ECJ cases on SPCs until late 2008. Tasty topics include: Conditions for obtaining a SPC, definition of "product" for which a SPC can be granted, definition of "basic patent" upon which a SPC can be granted, duration and entitlement, among others.

CIPA Guide to the Patents Acts, 6th Edition, Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, ccxiii, 1468 pp, 23 March 2009, Sweet & Maxwell, ISBN: 9780421957404

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