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Sunday 14 December 2008

Tour of Patent Offices: Portugal

This week the SPC Blog is takes a look at the Portuguese Patent Office.

Similarly to its Spanish counterpart, the Portuguese Patent Office's website is a colourful site. Information is available to the user both in Portuguese as well as in English.

Under the section devoted to patents, there is a subsection on SPCs containing the usual information. The legal basis for SPCs is found in another section. However, the legal basis for plant protection products (EC Regulation 1610/96) is missing from the list...

And last but not least, and in no way related to SPCs but nevertheless interesting, the INPI has made an effort to reach out to young people on IP issues by using comics. Click here for some Portuguese IP-related comics (but then again, how many kids out there still read comics instead of being glued to a virtual entertainment device?)

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