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Monday 3 November 2008

February conference: more news

Last month this blog announced the forthcoming Pharma/Biotech Patent Litigation Conference in Amsterdam next February. Because this blog is a sponsor, readers are entitled to a 10% discount on the booking fee. The colour version brochure of the programme is now available here, for anyone interested.

Duncan Curley (Innovate Legal), who will be speaking on "Analysing the Growing Trend of Generic Industry Attacks on SPCs" in this event, has promised to write a short piece for The SPC Blog on his current thoughts on the subject -- so watch this space.

While on the subject of this conference, there's a competition for which the prize is FREE REGISTRATION (see the earlier blog for rules and deadline). Entry involves submitting your best cocktail recipe. So far, very few entries have been received. Don't be shy: you can either send it to The SPC Blog or directly to me here.

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