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Tuesday 16 September 2008

SPCs in Hungary

A selection of Hungarian legal materials, translated into English, can be obtained from the SPC page of the Hungarian Patent Office, as well as the English languages texts of the relevant EU legislation.

Provisions of Hungarian law supplied here are as follows:
* Article 22/A of Act XXXIII of 1995 on the protection of inventions by patents;
* Decree No. 19/2005. (IV. 12.) GKM on the Fees for Administrative Services in Industrial Property Procedures before the Hungarian Patent Office;
* Decree No. 26/2004 (II. 26.) Korm. on the rules necessary for the implementation of the European Community Regulations concerning the creation of a supplementary protection for certain products;
* Government Decree 26/2004. (II. 26.)
Again, the site does not appear to carry any explanation as to what exactly an SPC is, why one should need them or what are the reasons for its conditions and limitations.

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