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Wednesday 9 July 2008

EU expands as Pipeline Scope announces latest data offering

A press release from eMediawire has announced that
"Finally, the generics industry has fast access to reliable key patent, SPC and data protection expiry information".
This access is provided by Pipeline Scope, the latest release from GenericsWeb, which also claims to provide accurate and complete data for over 1,400 international non-proprietary names, across 37 countries, delivered through a user-friendly interface. According to Leighton Howard, Managing Director of GenericsWeb:
"SPC and data exclusivity are critical drivers for generic pharmaceutical development. Existing products lack a logical interface for researching and viewing this information in a way that quickly answers the questions being asked. Scope is developed from the ground up with a perspective of both the patent specialist and the business development executive in mind, allowing fast access to reliable key patent, SPC and data protection expiry information."
The SPC-related information concerns protection "in 30 EU states" [at the date of the press release, the number still stood at just 27] plus extensions of term for non-EU countries".

1 comment:

Leighton Howard said...

Thanks for spotting the oversight of our over-zealous marketing department Jeremy. I think they meant to say it covers SPCs from 30countries, 27 EU plus the 3 non-EU who have adopted the SPC system (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland).
Thanks, Leighton