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Thursday, 19 June 2008


This weblog is intended as a forum for investigating and becoming better acquainted with the phenomenon of the supplementary protection certificate ("SPC"), a legal device for the extension of patents beyond their normal expiry date. The SPC Blog hopes to provide a vehicle for the transmission of news, analysis and ideally the establishment of a little community of people who are interested in the many issues that the extension of patents raise. We hope to bring together the points of view of

* patent owners who feel they cannot obtain a reasonable benefit from the patent grant on account of the lengthy regulatory procedures that require compliance before pharma and agrichemical products can be marketed,

* investors who may be reluctant to fund research and development if the prospect of a good commercial return is lacking,

* manufacturers and distributors of generic products, who are excluded from the market by the extension of patent grants,

* public sector purchasers of products, whose budgets may be restricted and subject to conditions unrelated to market forces,

* consumers whose access to products may be reduced or less affordable for as long as patent protection remains,

* national and regional competition authorities, which bear responsibility for ensuring that patent monopolies are not the basis for abuse of a dominant position.

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